QLD Government's emergency powers

Pandemic Bear and Child

Last Tuesday at 4pm, NPAQ Secretary, Aenghas Hopkinson-Pearson, appeared on ABC Radio. If you click the following link and go to the 39 minute mark, you can hear what he had to say: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/brisbane/programs/drive/drive/13052724


The interview spoke about submissions made to the QLD Parliament regarding the emergency powers gifted to the Government during COVID.

The primary arguments being made are:

- If the State Government calls a lockdown, it makes more sense for the State Government to pay for Hotel Quarantine rather than the Federal Government;

- To encourage more regular discussion about the Government's emergency powers;

- To encourage greater transparency in the Government by removing the ability to delegate decision making responsibility to unknown bureaucrats and keeping the accountability to the Government's chief executive and CHO.

The submissions made to parliament may be read here

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