QLD Health : Christmas Day, Boxing Day ‘special’ public holidays

Christmas Leave QLD Health

As acknowledgement for nurses and midwives’ response to the pandemic, Queensland Health has announced that Christmas Day and Boxing Day public holidays will this year be treated as ‘special’ public holidays (like Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday).

This means:

If you work on either of these days, you will be paid double time and a half (this rate already applies for Christmas Day).

Annual leave must not be deducted on either of these days. If you are on a period of annual leave, there will be no deduction from your annual leave balance for these two days.

You will be paid a day’s pay at your ordinary rate if you are rostered off or you would ordinarily be required to work on that day.

28 December is also a gazetted Boxing Day public holiday but will be treated as a normal public holiday (150% for employees who work, and no additional entitlements where employees are on annual leave).