Queensland Health - Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday Entitlement

easter eggs

Our members employed by Queensland Health are reminded of their entitlement to payment for the Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday public holidays.


Specifically, Queensland Health's HR Policy C69: Public and Show Day Holidays and clause 23(b) of the Nurses and Midwives (Queensland Health) Award - State 2015 provide that employees who ordinarily work on Saturdays or Sundays are to paid the following:

  • if the employee is NOT required to work (i.e. because the unit is shut down over Easter and the employee has not been redeployed), they are to be paid at their ordinary rate of pay (100%) for Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday;
  • if the employee has a rostered day off on the Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday, they are are entitled to either:
    • a full day's wage at the ordinary rate (100%);
    • a day off in lieu; or
    • a day added to their recreation leave;
  • if they employee is on annual leave, an extra day must be added to the employee's annual leave.

We encourage our members to check they have been paid correctly over the Easter period and to raise any issues with their line manager if they believe they have not been paid their correct entitlement. In order to ensure the timely rectification of any underpayment, members should ensure they complete and submit an AVAC form. They may also wish to remind their line managers of clause 14.4 of the Nurses and Midwives (Queensland Health and Department of Education) Certified Agreement (EB10) 2018, which states:

The employer is committed to correcting individual employee underpayments in a timely manner. If an
employee incurs an underpayment the employer will:
(a) upon being advised of an underpayment, acknowledge the contact by the employee within 24 hours;
(b) when an underpayment is validated, and relevant paperwork authorised and submitted (if necessary), the
employer will ensure the underpayment is corrected within the current pay cycle; and
(c) process an ‘ad hoc’ payment at the request of the employee, where the employee demonstrates
exceptional circumstances.


If the matter is not then rectified, please contact the NPAQ for assistance.