Referral Gift

Are your friends and colleagues part of the NPAQ Community? 


Ask them today, refer them to join and you both receive a referral gift as a Thank You!

Why Refer a Colleague?

Let your friends and colleagues know they too have a choice … and many great reasons to join!

They can save up to $268 on fees and you both receive a referral gift.


There are three easy ways to help boost your referrals and grow NPAQ!

All these methods work, use what works best for you

  1. Login to your dashboard and copy the personalised link and paste on your social media page to refer people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  2. Login to your dashboard and email directly by selecting the "Click Here" link to a pre-formatted email. Complete your colleague's name and email address and click the Submit button to send the information on.
  3. Talk to your friends and colleagues and send them to - remind them to put your name and email as the referral.

Remember, as the NPAQ Community grows so too will the difference we can make.

Your Dashboard Referrals Display

Keep up-to-date with the status of your referrals. When you invite one of your friends/colleagues to join their name will appear on your Dashboard with the status Pending. All going well that will change to Joined. If new members include your name/email address (accurately) as the person who referred, they will also appear on your Dashboard, their status will be Joined.

Your Referrals Status

Pending – this status appears when you have used the Refer a Colleague feature from your Dashboard. A good reminder for a follow-up chat next time you see them.

Joined – this indicates that they have successfully joined.

Referral Gift Processing

The referral gift value of 1 month's membership is processed to your bank account or credit card (depending on the information you provided). The referral gifts are processed once a month.

What happens when we can’t make a referral match?

Sometimes a member joins and the referrer’s details do not match up to a current member. We will email the new member and ask they check the referrer details – it may be that the name provided is different to the name we have on record, or maybe they have not yet joined. We will send a follow-up email and if we do not hear back from you, we will assume that your referrer is not a financial member and therefore there will be no referral gift heading your way. :(

What happens when we can’t process your gift?

If a membership has been paid direct into our account, we will email to ask how to process. Your options are:

  • send us bank account details, or
  • we post a cheque

We will attempt to contact you twice and if we do not receive a response 3 months following, the referral gift will expire.

If you believe you have a referral gift outstanding please contact