Is dis-endorsing RIPEN a gateway to devaluing Nursing?


A letter from the NPAQ President

An NPAQ member recently sent through a notification regarding NMBA looking into dis-endorsing RIPEN (Remote and Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse). The Registered Nurse was concerned that their current scope of practice will be weakened and devalued.

There are approximately 900 RIPEN endorsed nurses practicing in many places that have limited access to healthcare. These are Nurses who are devoted to these communities and want to improve the health outcomes of the people they serve.

The RIPEN course is very demanding and requires dedication and hard work to complete. As the course itself could become obsolete, is the further education you undertook to accomplish this endorsement also obsolete?  What does this say about the worth of your education? Is this a way to value our nurses?

Whilst this possibility has not yet been finalised, if it is being considered then could it be conceivable that any professional qualification and educational certificate could be unvalidated? When is it acceptable to have your education taken away from you?

Education is a building block for a Nurses professional practice. To say that anything you study can be taken away from you is unjust, not to mention disrespectful.

The rural and remote communities have similar health needs to cities and big regional centres. It is very difficult to have doctors dedicate themselves to many of these areas. The community can have medical staff staying for short term contracts which limits the ability of complex health issues to be managed over a long period of time.

Nurses in rural and remote areas usually have their life set in that community. They are invested professionally and personally in providing healthcare over the long term to their community. RIPEN endorsement enhances their scope of practice and offers the community an effective solution to what would otherwise be limited access in healthcare.

I see the future of effective healthcare delivered by Nurse driven programs in the community.

We need to value our profession and what we do is valuable to the communities we serve.

Contact NPAQ to support your RIPEN endorsement and protect your valuable education.  Send your feedback to [email protected]

Take Care

Phill Tsingos
NPAQ President

Phill Tsingos

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