Seasons for Growth - Change, loss and grief program training

Hosted by Good Grief

The Seasons for Growth Adult Program is a loss and grief education program which builds resistance and promotes the social and emotional wellbeing of adults as they adapt to change and loss in their lives. These may include death, separation of divorce, unemployment or other major loss experiences.

'Grief' in the program is understood as normal response when change and loss occur in life. Participants explore this interpretation of grief with a trained 'Companion', within a seasonal framework based on Worden's tasks of grief.

The Seasons for Growth Adult Program consists of two separate elements across two days:

  • Understanding Change, Loss and Grief (3 hour seminar)
  • Exploring the Seasons of Grief (4-8 session small group program)


More Info:

July 11, 2019 at 9am - 1pm
Catholic Parish Centre