Stay Safe and Well at Christmas

With the end of year on our doorstep, we are juggling many personal and workplace activities. At such busy times, it is critical to be aware of our wellbeing and remain physically safe and mentally healthy.

So many of us rush to get everything done before Christmas. And after a busy year, we’re often already worn out and can easily lose concentration, which leads to mistakes and injuries.

There are some key things we can do to make sure we stay safe this holiday season and prevent unwanted injuries.

  • plan your activities in advance

  • write a list

  • prioritise

  • ask for help

  • rest and sleep

  • check in with your workmates


Recognised when you get the feeling of being overwhelmed, sometimes 5 minutes can help:

  • slow down

  • make a cuppa and sit quietly

  • take deep breaths

  • meditate

  • chat to a friend or workmate


As important as your to do list is, there is nothing more important than you. Have a safe, healthy and inspiring Christmas.

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