The Constitution provides the basis for a new type of employee representative organisation that focuses on professional development, representation and protection of its Members. We have chosen not be a registered Union; however, we do provide all the services that a Union provides but with the skills and backup of an experienced legal team.

This Association is built around each Branch. It's a "ground up" organisation rather than a "top-down". The Branch Executive, who you elect, will deal with all matters in your region. The Branch also sends delegates to the State Convention who elect the State Executive.

Eventually, each branch will have its own guaranteed sub account and finances controlled by the branch members themselves. Members have a real say in how the money is spent such as educational and professional development needs.



The Constitution sets up a democratic, simple, effective and 100% accountable system within the guiding principles and rules for non-profit member controlled associations. It allows the Branches to operate quite autonomously and develop policies and projects that are specifically relevant to the Branch.



The By-Laws spell out in more detail how the services will be provided to members.