Stunning revelations in Marg Gilbert Case

Margaret Gilbert NPAQ

The final day for submissions in Marg’s case was held on Friday 11 September where we heard some stunning admissions by QLD Health and Government Officials.

Under cross-examination, officials admitted that the NPAQ *could* in fact represent employees in employment matters. This, in complete contradiction to the Memorandum advising that NPAQ cannot represent QLD Health nurses.

There are huge implications for the QLD Health memorandum which, disclosed documents have revealed, was drafted by both the QNMU and by a former QNMU employee in her capacity as a Government official. Extraordinary. It was also labelled as being part of the "Government's agenda". How high does this go?  That matter will not end here.

In relation to the NPAQ being a trade union / industrial association - we have already won. They simply argue we should not be 'incorporated'. We think they're wrong. If they are correct it will be a simple technical process of unincorporating and fighting on!

In terms of Marg, we have had the show cause notice withdrawn and she has them on the ropes.  The Courier Mail covered the case in this report.