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I can't thank NPAQ enough for their support over the last few months with a difficult case of mine, they provided exceptional professional support and guidance through this difficult time and I can say I would've been lost without the NPAQ team!

I would also like to mention a big thank you to Aenghas and Marcia, I am so grateful for their time, effort and support they put into assisting and reassuring me.

If you would like genuine professional support I cannot recommend NPAQ enough! - Aleesha




I recently had some issues at work, so I got in touch with NPAQ. I was promptly contacted by Kathleen. She drafted my initial written response to the incident and acted as my support person during a meeting.

I got great advice about how to deal with the problem, I never knew the membership could come in so handy!  Anon


Kathleen Campbell was the best. Her professional knowledge, demeanour, support and understanding in a tough situation is fully accredited to her.

As a professional person removed from the situation herself, she provided sanity in an otherwise overwhelming environment for me. G.M



Timely response. Helpful, non-judgemental and Professional approach.
I would recommend NPAQ to anyone who cares to know about the Association. Ruth


Great experience dealing with NPAQ team. Anon




Brilliant compassionate care and support (Kathleen is exceptional and a credit to NPAQ) . Anon

Very prompt and relevant advice - thanks!  

Thea O



Amazing support at last minute during a very stressful time.  Anon

It was great to be able to bounce and have the issue reviewed by an independent person who while had my best interests was able to look at the situation without bias and bring balance back to the situation. Thank you




The support officer was understanding of my situation and was able to offer personal and professional support of the highest level.

She was able to direct me to additional services that resulted in a fair and positive result to my concern. BH


Kathleen represented me with my problem and was amazing. She kept in contact regularly and her advice was exceptional. I have dealt with the QNU before and this Association wipes the floor with them. At all times I felt you were on my side. With the QNU it was totally the opposite. Keep up the great work.  Vicki 




NPAQ have assisted me with matters at work that impact all staff. I have recommended NPAQ to many of my fellow staff members to join.  Geoff K

Thank you NPAQ!  

I now have a flexible work arrangement! This would not have happened without the support of Marcia who attended and advocated with me at every meeting 👍 Kirsten




The support I received was exceptional and professional. I can not thank the support member enough for all her help in getting my alleged issue resolved.  Belinda

How wonderful is Kathleen Campbell!  

"Simply the best, better than all the rest"

She has had to advise me on two separate occasions and she is exceptional to say the least.  She is honest, fair and knows her "stuff".  And she tells it as it is in presentation that one can understand. The facts, the faults and probable outcome.  Also to sit up straight and don't fidget (a lot to keep in mind when you are up against a panel!)  Oh! do not chew gum!

The brochures you sent me are all over the desk and hopefully being filled out by my colleagues.

I love her to bits.

Thank you form a very grateful member.  Sandy K. CN  



To Whom It May Concern,  I would like to thank you for helping me out back in May with a spot of bother at work - especially Kathleen Campbell (one of your independent consultants) who was fantastic.

She was so supportive and provided me with all the information I needed to resolve the issue.

While it was very stressful I felt like she was so knowledgeable that it was a relief to have her with me at my meeting. 

Kind regards,



The support and confidence Kathleen brought to the table was second to none. Every effort was made to help and it was greatly appreciated. - Jennifer



I’m an operational officer and I was with the other union AWU and I had an issue I wanted to discuss I rang a number of times with no response so I resigned and joined NPAQ within an hour of me ringing I had a phone call back and then within 24hours I had a letter drafted up by NPAQ and sent to my managers my issues were resolved.

I’m very happy and feel supported with NPAQ
I will be spreading the word to join NPAQ
We need people to stop complaining about their situation and getting nowhere - just resign from whatever union your with and join NPAQ so they can grow and have the power to resolve your issues.  DM


Kathleen was fantastic, provided excellent support. Great to see that members who work in management receive all the assistance required. I never got this with the QNMU even though I had been a long term member and paid huge membership fees! - Cynthia 




NPAQ dealt with my case in a professional and companionate manner - NPAQ Member

Hi NPAQ, I just inducted an agency staff member and of course gave her NPAQS brochure. She did an ahah, said she had heard of NPAQ, knew they had just secured millions of $s in back pay for UHC nurses. Told me her friend in HR told her to get out of QNMU and join NPAQ they are 'go getters'.  Your starting to make a name for yourselves.

Well done and many thanks. - M 



Thank you for following up on the outcome of my Flexible Work Arrangement request. I am happy we were able to reach a final agreement.  I would like to thank you for your understanding and support with this matter. I hope that in the future I am able to provide support to employees with the same professionalism and knowledge that you have given me. 

NPAQ Member

Thank you so much for your support during this stressful time. Thank you for a good outcome.  Thank you for helping me keep my job - Elaine  


It's the real deal ... feels like nurses supporting nurses without any other agenda around

NPAQ Member

I had a situation arise at work that I needed union representation for. Having only recently changed unions to NPAQ I was a bit nervous- but I need not have be.en. I was lucky enough to have the lovely Marcia come and support me through a meeting and subsequent follow-up phone conversations, emails and texts. Marcia has been reassuring, very professional and so very helpful to me during a very stressful time. I am so appreciative towards her for that. I highly recommend NPAQ to all my nursing friends.

Many thanks. Regards, Bridget L. 



 I am really impressed with the service and the team are really easy to talk to, right from the first person to answer the phone thru to the person I dealt with (Marcia).  

I felt very relaxed and not scared or intimidated at all.

This is my first year with NPAQ - very happy chappy hear!

Susan - NPAQ Member

Kathleen had a lot of patience with me as it was complicated explanation that I provided her with. Just when I was about to give up, she encouraged me to push.

KA - NPAQ Member


Margaret and Marcia were great support and I don't think my employer would have addressed my concerns if Marcia hadn't phoned them to let them know I was a member and NPAQ were involved.
Great job, well done!

NPAQ Member

You had all the answers to my questions, did not let me deviate from the path we agreed on, provided me with a letter of reply for my employer and last but not least kept me on an even keel at a time of extreme stress.

A VERY big thank you to all that helped me.



Explained my options, supported me, talked to me, never made me feel unsupported.  My calls were always returned if not answered directly, I was never made to feel that my issue was unimportant.



WOW!  Thank you so much.  I never felt this supported or has such thorough and speedy service and support with QNMU.




NPAQ provided me with a fast response and made me feel that I was their top priority.  I felt that all the staff were there for my best interest and were available day and night.

Adam, RN

Thank you for your on going support for my work place St Andrews Hospital.  I see you are working really hard for equality and a fair deal in many areas. You have proposed some really good ideas and fairness in the work place.

Thank you. - Liz W.


NPAQ Provided me with a sensational representative.  She was honest, thorough and cut straight to the heart of the issue. With quick response to my phone calls and emails, she became my greatest support - above and beyond my expectations.

My work colleagues were surprised when I told them about the support, assistance to write an appropriate response and the ongoing contact.  This meant a great deal to me as the situation emotionally knocked me.



Quick reply and prompt support

- Alia


What would you say is unique about NPAQ?

More reasonable fee and Australia wide coverage.

Laura, NPAQ Member


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