The Unsettled Baby Seminar


Nurses and Midwives working with mothers and babies are often asked what to do when babies remain unsettled. This program gives you insight into this problem and arms you with a raft of resources to help mothers and babies cope. Includes:

  • Understanding why babies cry
  • What is the ‘Period of PURPLE Crying®’ and do all babies go through this period?
  • When is crying considered excessive?
  • What does babies crying mean? Interpreting the sounds...
  • How do babies learn to self regulate and soothe themselves?
  • Infant Crying and the passage to sleep. How do they learn?
  • Controlled crying - Good or Bad?
  • Strategies that families try
  • Crying and Child abuse

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Need for Program

Inconsolable infant crying and sleep disruption are a great source of concern for parents. This is a common problem affecting approximately a quarter of all parents. There is an abundance of advice and solutions to assist an unsettled baby - all of which are readily accessible. However, this advice is not always pertinent to a specific baby and parent. Nurses and midwives are important conduits to ensure correct information and interventions get to the parent when they need it most. There is a need for nurses and midwives to be correctly informed about the consensus and best practice course of action to implement in the care of an unsettled baby.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this seminar is to provide nurses and midwives with a deeper understanding of the unsettled baby and, using best available evidence, to assist parents and carers to appropriately respond to the infant.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • You will know and apply a range of theories and interventions relating to the care of unsettled babies
  • Babies presented to you with unsettled behaviour will be assessed to ensure there is no underlying physiological condition
  • That advice you provide to mothers of unsettled babies will be informed with best available evidence
  • Parents in your practice will be more confident when dealing with an unsettled baby


More Info:

October 28, 2019 at 8am - October 29, 2019
Hotel Ibis Brisbane
27 Turbot St
Brisbane 4000
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