QLD Health Time Bomb

Unfortunately, you may still be at risk.

QLD Health is beginning to prosecute nurses, as they retire or resign, under the new Labor Government's Industrial Relations Act 2016 (Qld).

Part 3 of the act specifically targets health employees.

s 950 states at (2) that "a health employer may deduct from employee's final payment an amount of the outstanding overpayment as agreed by health employer and employee". There argue that there is no time limitation for this action.

We have seen QLD Health management sit down with nurses during their final weeks and inform them that despite multiple audits since the 2011 payroll issue, they will wipe their leave balances and then be told they further owe tens of thousands of dollars



Since the Sky News interview, our lawyers have trawled through 25 years of pay records and have formulated a defence with the assistance of both Jim Murdoch QC and The Hon Joseph Ludwig. 

As promised, you can find that defence here if you require it. (we will upload in the coming days).

For us to protect you in to your retirement, you must become a member now. 

Only the NPAQ can represent QLD Health nurses against the State Labor Government.