Tips for Nurses to manage stress in the workplace

Stress Less

Don't let your business or work crumble because of mental and physical strain. Top performers manage their time, activity, and practice.

Here's 7 daily rituals to enhance your emotional, physical and work life:

  1.  Work less hours  but work smarter.  Use high level thinking to plan productive activities.  Review and recalibrate.
  2.  Set boundaries, develop self-awareness to increase your ability to achieve results and follow a regular work structure.
  3.  Keep it simple and consistent.  Focus your strengths on one discipline that you are good at and  develop proficiency.
  4.  Avoid being distracted by the latest and greatest.  Know your limitations.
  5.  Choose your inner network circle wisely.  Consider hiring specialised professionals, from coaches to massage therapists, who support your efforts.
  6.  Develop a mindset of success.  Believe in yourself and don't let others distract or undermine your efforts.  Stay strong and committed to your purpose.
  7.  Work optimally.  Create space in your schedule to replenish, refresh and renew daily.  This helps problem-solving skills, supports your emotional well-being and builds good relationships.

Enjoy your life.

Suzanne Derok, Director
UBIS Health Jobs

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