Top 12 Health Career Tips

Ubis health Career tips

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These 12 top tips are worth remembering.


  1. Don’t confuse hard work with performance – There are times when we work very hard but feel like we are not getting very far.  At this time it is important to reflect back on the choices made.  Choose the right tasks to help improve your performance rather than just working hard without seeing any progress
  2. Set direction – Consider what you want to achieve in your career, research the roles you want to aspire to reach.  Find out what is required and make a plan how to reach it.
  3. Learn about yourself – Most people have one or two blind spots about themselves.  Learning about yourself is one of the most valuable activities you can do.  Do not be afraid to get feedback from others and use this to understand yourself better rather than be critical about it.
  4. Find mentors and have an advocate – Choose wisely, find the right mentors and advocates who can give you good feedback about your choices.
  5. Find stretch or value creation – Find stretch roles that will require you to learn something different.
  6. Develop professional network – Create a strong professional network that you can call upon to discuss aspects of your professional life.  Learning from others is beneficial.
  7. Pitch your ideas well – Be creative, succinct and clear.  Don’t waffle or get lost in details.  People will get lost in your ideas.  Practice being clear and pitch your ideas well
  8. Learn about your business constantly – Make the effort to find out more about the intracies of your business and update yourself constantly.
  9. Connect frequently with others in your business sector – Connect with others to exchange views, news and updates.
  10. Stay connected and aware of the employment market – Be aware of current employment market particularly in your specific job sector.  Know who is who, what roles are being advertised and where the job gaps are
  11. Act on what you say you want – Be responsible for your decisions and if you say you are going to do something, then do it.
  12. Learn to manage politics – Politics are found in every business, sector and organisation,  So become good at understanding how to manage politics in your organisation.

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Suzanne Derok, Director UBIS Health

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