Townsville Hospital name change

Townsville Hospital

CHRIS LEES, Townsville Bulletin reports that the Townsville Hospital is no longer after the facility’s name officially changed in the hope of attracting and retaining staff.

TOWNSVILLE Hospital is no longer, with the health facility’s name officially changed to Townsville University Hospital.

The change begins immediately and it’s hoped it will help attract and retain staff and allow the hospital to continue its growth.

Townsville Hospital and Health Service board chairman Tony Mooney said the name change was a reflection of the hospital’s standing and status.

“I think it’s a true reflection of where we are heading as a major research and tertiary hospital,” he said.

“A university association gives us a greater attraction for staff because a lot of staff who have got the opportunity to select here or some other location are impressed with the fact it’s a university-associated facility.

“And that hasn’t been known all that well at some times.”

Mr Mooney said the change was recognition of the city’s role as the major provider of specialist medical services in Northern Australia.

“It reflects our close relationship with our neighbours at James Cook University and our collective desire to make Townsville a world leader in research, diagnostics and medical excellence in tropical medicine,” he said.

Townsville is the first regional hospital to become a “university hospital”. The Townsville Hospital and Health Service’s name will not change.

“The big immediate change will be through our recruitment department but in terms of what people see at the hospital the changes will happen over time,” Mr Mooney said.

Mr Mooney said there would not be a significant cost to the name change.

He said by changing names the hospital joins the other five tertiary hospitals in Queensland with a designated title. Previously the hospital was known as Townsville General Hospital when it was in North Ward but its name was changed to Townsville Hospital when the current facility at Douglas opened on October 10, 2001.

James Cook University vice-chancellor Professor Sandra Harding said both organisations recognised the benefits associated with having a university and a hospital co-located.

“Last week we launched the TropiQ health and knowledge precinct, which will prioritise the further integration of the hospital and university campuses,” Prof Harding said.

“There is a huge opportunity for North Queensland to attract the best clinicians, scientists and researchers from across Australia and the world.

“The recognition of Townsville as a university hospital … will help further achieve our vision of becoming the hub for tertiary medicine and cutting-edge research in Northern Australia.”


Source: Chris Lees, Townsville Bulletin, 9 December 2019