Traditional Unions caught treating members money with contempt

(sigh... again)

union members

You may have been following recent media surrounding Michael Williamson, former Health Services Union boss and Labor party president.


Mr Williamson was able to jettison over $5 million dollars worth of stolen members' money to his wife before serving his minimum of 5 years behind bars. After years of embezzling and treating members' dollars with contempt, his final act was to ensure they didn't get any of it back. Unbelievable. Read the full article here

Is this contemptuous attitude towards members' money a common theme among traditional unions? Just this week we saw the QNMU spend over $20,000 in legal fees on a matter that both didn't concern them and was designed to limit nurses having a voice at the bargaining table. We have stopped becoming shocked at this behaviour. You can hear more here  

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