Our Experience with Triple Zero Property

Triple Zero


Building wealth so we can live comfortably and enjoy life is something we all aspire to. And investing strategically in property has long been proven to be a way to create such wealth.

However, it’s knowing where to start, or understanding the risks that can sometime prevent people from delving deeper into property investment.

That wasn’t the case for Steve and Julie B. They already had a small property portfolio consisting of three properties in Horsham, Victoria.

Julie met Paul Mergard, from Triple Zero Property, at a Conference in Cairns in September 2017. Triple Zero were a major sponsor of the event and over the course of the week they chatted about investing in property and the growth happening on the Sunshine Coast. Julie felt comfortable talking with Paul, “He was approachable and friendly and answered all my questions with enthusiasm and interest. I found him to be extremely helpful with a no nonsense, common sense attitude.”

The philosophy at Triple Zero is to educate and inform. Julie took home some information provided to her with and following discussions with her husband Steve, they decided to dip their toe into the property market on the Sunshine Coast. Eight months later they became the proud owners of a beautiful home at Peregian Breeze.  “I still can’t believe how pleasant and easy the whole experience was,” Julie said.

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