Wage Theft

QLD Wage Theft Inquiry


The Queensland Government has begun its Inquiry into Wage Theft in Queensland and hasn't NPAQ caused a stir!

The joint submission with our legal team, Industrial Relations Claims was well over 100 pages. Surprise surprise, we found resistance from the Government in accepting our submission.

Following our media appearance on Nine News (you can view here) revealing publicly that we made a significant submission, the Government and the unions bent the rules to change a submission from Maurice Blackburn lawyers to be a submission from a list of unions instead. Looks like we caught them not doing their homework!

The issue of nurses

  • not receiving entitlements,
  • being pressured into skipping meal breaks or
  • even having their timesheets altered ...

... is not ok
... is never ok

and should be reported to us here.

From what we've seen so far, you could be owed thousands.

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