Welcome to the Team - Jack McGuire

Jack’s background is in Law and Finance. He spent a number of years working at a CBD based law firm during his university years before becoming involved in student advocacy.

In 2015, Jack founded the Australian Students Association (‘ASA’). The ASA continues to be firmly rooted in University governance and services and is providing a viable non-compulsory alternative to the radical Nation Union of Students. He was also the Executive Director / President of the QUT Guild, a large autonomous organisation with oversight of six commercial services and an operating budget in excess $5 million. His involvement with Guild was strong over the 3 years at University.

Jack was also elected to sit on the QUT Council with the longest serving Vice-Chancellor, Peter Coaldrake.

He joins the NPAQ team as a Member Representative so we can ensure that your workplace rights are maintained and you receive support and representation when you need it the most.