Welcome Margaret, new branch secretary at The Prince Charles Hospital

Margaret Gilbert, NPAQ Branch SecretaryMargaret Gilbert is a Duty Nurse Manager at The Prince Charles Hospital and has been in this position since 2007. She works within a cohesive team of five providing operational management as well as coordinating patient flow at TPCH over the 24hour continuum.

She has over thirty years Nursing experience in ICU, Emergency, Mental Health Nursing and project management. During her career she has worked in Duty Nurse Manager, Nurse Unit Manager and Nursing Director roles in both the private and public sectors.

In her project work, she developed a computerised data system,’ Heart Beat’ which provides visible in time data analysis and predictive tools to manage effective and efficient patient flow at TPCH. This programme was subsequently adopted by Metro North Health Service as the platform to provide the metrics that the PACH (Patient Access and Coordination Hub) uses across the district to manage patient flow.

Margaret is passionate about enabling her nursing colleagues to be highly involved in minimising counterproductive work behaviours and promoting innovation to advance the Nursing profession in the 21st century. She is a strong advocate of ‘Care for the Carer’; for without providing a positive work environment that energises the Nurse we cannot attain excellence in the care of our patients.

She lives with her family and is looking forward to welcoming a grandchild into the family later this year.  Her person interests include bushwalking, theatre, film and reading.

Being appointed as a volunteer Branch Secretary at TPCH will mean give our members and ‘considering’ member a go to person on site.

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