We do cover QLD Health nurses.


In fact, half our membership (and growing) are QLD Health employees, just like you.



Seen the Memo being placed around your facility by union reps?

Heard a QNMU rep tell you we can't?

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QLD Health - Memorandum

     March 13, 2019

The NPAQ cannot represent or advocate on behalf of an employee in relation to an employment matter.

14 days later...

QLD Health - Courier Mail

     March 27, 2019

A Queensland Health spokesman said all employees were able to seek the services of organisations, including the NPAQ, to represent their workplace interests.


NPAQ members have found this particularly galling considering these sections of the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (Qld) make this type of misleading statement unlawful.


Unfortunately these things take time to remedy legally, but in the meantime - don't believe the hype!

Lower Fees, Without The Politics

  • Not one cent of your hard-earned membership money goes to any political party or cause. 100% goes to providing protection and advancement to you and your profession.
  • Membership fees are approximately 50% less than QNMU.

Support When You Need It

  • NPAQ provides professional indemnity insurance, along with personalised advice and legal assistance, to quickly resolve any workplace issues.

Points of Difference

  • NPAQ is run by nurses, not union officials.
  • Zero party politics, which means lower fees.

  • Workplace issues are resolved in a consultative manner.

  • All issues are completed and not left unresolved.

  • Initial response to enquiries within one business day.