Welcome to NPAQ's new Branch Secretary

Welcome Scott!

Scott Haywood, NPAQ Branch SecretaryScott Haywood has commenced as a volunteer NPAQ Branch Secretary for Prison Health Service, SEQ. The Prison Health Service works in partnership with Queensland Custodial Services to provide health care to all prisoners incarcerated in the South East Queensland corner.

He works as a Registered Nurse at the Brisbane Correctional Centre. The prison provides a primary care service to all prisoners. The nursing staff provides all prisoners with required medications, wound treatment, modalities, tertiary referral service (off campus), and any other primary care activities. Scott said one of the more rewarding aspects is providing a first responder service to all medical emergencies at the Prison, whether minor or life-threatening. He sees prison nursing as very dynamic and feels privileged to be part of a team that practices in such a diverse and engaging work environment.


The three issues he will be focusing on are:

  •   Prison health committee representation
  •   Workplace equality for all nursing staff (knowing EB entitlements, fair and equal rostering)
  •   Ensuring a safe workplace

As the NPAQ ‘go-to’ person at Prison Health Service, SEQ you can contact him for guidance on what to do regarding a workplace matter or if you know someone who wants to know more before joining. 

E: [email protected]


Expressions of Interest

Learn more about the role of Branch Secretary and forward your expressions of interest to [email protected]