What Great Teams Do! Seminar


In today’s hospital and community health settings, you as a health professional will increasingly have to work within many different professional teams. In the morning you may be working with one team and in the afternoon, another. Such teamwork can be personally rewarding and offer many professional rewards in your work life. It can also lead to improved patient satisfaction, decision making, and care. Knowing how to work in interprofessional teams is an important skill which may be learned. Attend this seminar to:

  • Find out how effective interprofessional teamwork can save time
  • Understand how patients benefit from improved care
  • Enrich your professional relationships
  • How to include patients most effectively in team decisions
  • Improve the continuum of care in your facility


Need for Program

Nowadays, a key skill of all health professionals is to regularly and constructively collaborate with others within a team. Including the patient in all decisions that affect their health is essential for the provision of evidenced care. Inter professional teamwork provides many benefits and it enriches the work environment enabling much personal and patient satisfaction. It improves the continuum of care and prevents costly double-ups, missed opportunities and even adverse events. Knowing how to work in interprofessional teams is an important skill which may be learned.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of this practical seminar is to provide a forum for health professionals to learn new skills and knowledge to enhance their involvement in interprofessional teams which will ultimately lead to better, risk-averse, evidenced patient care.

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Prevent costly overlaps of care, missed opportunities and adverse events through the use of advanced inter professional communication skills
  • Reflect on your personal strengths that may make your involvement in interprofessional teams more effective
  • Sharpen your ability to communicate your professional views and, in-so-doing demonstrate appropriate use of advocacy and assertiveness
  • Discourage turf wars to facilitate collaboration and enhanced patient outcomes

More Info: https://www.ausmed.com.au/course/interprofessional-collaboration-working-more-effectively-across-different-teams

February 28, 2019 at 8am - March 01, 2019
Mecure Hotel Brisbane
85-87 N Quay
Brisbane 4000
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