Winner EOFY Competition

Brett Clarke EOFY Competition WinnerCongratulations to Brett Clarke who received 12 Months Membership reimbursed.

Brett joined NPAQ in July 2018 after seeing a number of media reports and interviews.

“I was impressed with how the association represents Nurses without any political agenda, which aligns with my values” he said.

Brett also found the NPAQ provide services at a much lower cost than the union matching exactly what he needs as a nurse working in health.

I wasted my money with the QNMU, I received no assistance, was brushed off and ended up resigning from my role due to inaction by management and the QNMU after lodging work load issues with the union” explained Brett.



A nurse for the last 33 years, Brett has worked in mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation in both public and private hospitals and as a community nurse.

“I would like to see more resources provided to community nursing in mental health as there is no support for nurse to patient ratios like there is in hospitals” said Brett.  “This leads to nurses being overworked and overwhelmed” he explained.

Congratulations again to Brett on winning the EOFY competition and thank you for sharing your story.

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