Workplace Wellness Conference

What is this Conference all about?

Listen to our fabulous presenter, Nicole Nash-Arnold as she explains what this conference will focus on.

Now, from the outset, let me say this: if you think because you’re not a nurse manager, you can’t nurse your culture back to good health, then frankly, that’s like saying the only person responsible for delivering great patient outcomes is the doctor.   

Patient outcomes rely on every single member of the multidisciplinary team: and I mean from the consultant physician to the ward cleaner.  We all have a part to play.  If one jigsaw piece falls out, then those optimal patient outcomes simply cannot be delivered. 

Culture is exactly the same.

They say stress won’t kill you, but your reaction to it will. 

Workplace stress is considered the number one performance killer in organisations: $125 billion is spent annually in Australia for poor wellbeing of workers who are stressed and struggling.

During this conference, I promise two things:

One: I’m going to reorient your perceptions about the profound impact you can truly have in curing toxic workplaces.  After all, there’s nothing more disillusioning than feeling powerless in a place where you probably spend a considerable amount of your time.

Two: I’m going to give you a 4-step strategy to nursing your workplace back to good health: I call it Code GREaT.

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify the core elements to workplace stress and poor organisation culture
  • Analyse the potential opportunities for cognitively restructuring our mindset towards our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous healthcare industry
  • Adapt multiple strategies to deliver a meaningful contribution to nursing our sick workplace cultures back to good health
  • Execute on an action plan to deliver on key deliverables, including improving your workplace culture, re-evaluating how to see individuals and reducing your workplace-related stress

More Info:

July 03, 2020 at 8am - July 11, 2020
Carnival Splendor